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Ugelli per NebulizzazioneUgelli per NebulizzazioneUgelli per NebulizzazioneUgelli per Nebulizzazione


These nozzles produce extra-fine atomised droplets and when utilised with an empty cone can create a fog effect mist and uniform distribution. Both at low and high pressures these nozzles produce 10/30 micron sized particles. In fact, the water particles are transformed into atomised particles.


Humidifying – Cooling – Nurseries – Dust control – Gas cooling - Humidity control – Evaporative cooling systems


These nozzles are available in a choice of two models:

Mod. Foggy - for medium to high pressure applications spanning from 10 to 120 bar in brass and stainless steel quality grade AISU 303
Mod. PVC - for low pressure applications spanning from 2 to 14 bar.


They can be fitted with filters, anti-drip valves, ball joints, ties, pivot fittings.

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