The mosquito, an unbearable plague in the summertime, disturbs our evenings outdoors and our morning awakenings.

Among the various mosquito types, we may highlight the tiger mosquito, which comes from the Asian countries and is now widespread throughout Italy.

The tiger mosquito, unlike traditional mosquitoes, reproduces even in dry environments.

It is present in small water pools, in manholes, in saucers or in small cavities.

Our spraying created with special nozzles and high-pressure pumps, fights and removes mosquitoes and any other insect in a natural way (only with water, because it creates a very thin mist that prevents the flight of insects), or with the option to use different types of insecticide or natural products such as pyrethrum or the like.

Our system is a simple and effective kit that has been planned and designed in detail, suitable for gardens, terraces and gazebos, private or public places, campsites, restaurants and hotels, and any open space.